Wednesday, June 8, 2011

saving your community

recyling is a wonful time to do and if u do not recyling your communtiy is going to be difty i kown that everdoby need a place that it save so u can do that by helper other and telling people to recyling.

i kown that recyilng can be very hard but it can also be fun dont u want where u live be pertty palce so that the earth can be a better palce written by Doreita pokuwa


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Letter to our Community

Dear Community,

We are members of the "Teens Going Green" initiative at Buckman Road. The "Teens Going Green" initiative is a program that the Y2 group (6th grade-12th grade) started in November 2010. We started the program to get our community to recycle. Our initiative also teaches the community about recycling. Our message is that recycling is a good thing to do.

It is important to recycle because it helps our community and the world. Mother nature is very upset with how people treat her. Recycling is something everyone can do to make her smile. It is also important to recycle because not only does it keep our community clean by reducing landfills, but it can help to create more jobs. No one wants to live in a messy dump, so we, the Teens Going Green, stepped up and took charge.

We have had much success with our initiative thus far. Some of our accomplishments include winning a $500 grant for our hard work, getting our community to recycle more, starting a blog site and helping other CPDC sites start their own recycling initiative. Being a part of this community project has helped us become better people. We realize the importance of recycling and taking better care of our community. We hope that you will continue to support our initiative by using your new blue bins to recycle.


Teens Going Green

Recycled Art

If you go green, you can also make a world of art.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


How is the earth impacted if you don't recycle? If you don't recycle you are contributing to global warming. As you can see in the picture this woman is looking through the dump. The more trash that we produce the more space we are taking up. If you want to help stop global warming then recycle.

Making a better place!

We all help each other recycle cans, bottles, and glass and we carry it to the center and help each other count the bottles . THANKS 4 Checking out our Blog!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Goodness Do We Ever Get A Break!!!!!!

Did you ever have SO many challenges? Well this is the place you will.At the community center I don't think we get a break at all.Every single day we lug a big bag of recyclables from our building down to the community center.I call that a challenge.Every month we have a very big challenge of who would have the most recyclables. But at the end, Inoticed lots of challenges helps you in life!