Thursday, March 10, 2011


How is the earth impacted if you don't recycle? If you don't recycle you are contributing to global warming. As you can see in the picture this woman is looking through the dump. The more trash that we produce the more space we are taking up. If you want to help stop global warming then recycle.

Making a better place!

We all help each other recycle cans, bottles, and glass and we carry it to the center and help each other count the bottles . THANKS 4 Checking out our Blog!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Goodness Do We Ever Get A Break!!!!!!

Did you ever have SO many challenges? Well this is the place you will.At the community center I don't think we get a break at all.Every single day we lug a big bag of recyclables from our building down to the community center.I call that a challenge.Every month we have a very big challenge of who would have the most recyclables. But at the end, Inoticed lots of challenges helps you in life!

Successful, Recycled Clothing Sale

Working together with my teammates to complete our clothing sale was a big accomplishment. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how many people came in and actually bought something from the sale . I thought the clothing sale was a good idea but I thought nobody was going to come.

I am surprised on how much our sale was a success!

Don't You Love Teamwork? I Do!!!!

Hey I am going to talk about teamwork! Teamwork is like when u are helpful to your friends. Sometimes if we help each other carry the recycled cans, we get rewards.The best part is when we get to work together to get things done. When we bring in recyclables we always have each other. I don't think we ever had one person rinse their bottles by themselves and that's the point of teamwork. You're never alone I promise!!!

Going Green With Clothes, Another Way to Recycle

Residents and other doners donated clothing to the Gateway Center in order to raise funds for youth programming. This was a way of reusing peoples clothes.
The items donated were purses, shoes, shirts and pants. With the pieces donated, customers were able to purchase a complete wardrobe for under $5!
The sale was a success and we accomplished two goals, raising funds for a good cause and re-using instead of throwing away.