Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Going Green With Clothes, Another Way to Recycle

Residents and other doners donated clothing to the Gateway Center in order to raise funds for youth programming. This was a way of reusing peoples clothes.
The items donated were purses, shoes, shirts and pants. With the pieces donated, customers were able to purchase a complete wardrobe for under $5!
The sale was a success and we accomplished two goals, raising funds for a good cause and re-using instead of throwing away.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! Sustainable Fashion is my Passion and this immediately caught my attention. This is a fabulous initiative and I commend each and every one of you for stepping outside of the norms. I tell young people all the time that leadership is not about you! Its about others, giving while looking for little in return! You guys were all Leaders and decided to take a risk that turned out great.

    If you have any more ideas or questions I would love to help!!
    Jamela has my contact information!

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  3. Hi my name is Angelica someday i would like to meet you, because i LOVE fashion too!!!!!
    Thanks for commenting

  4. Hi Angelica .... someday I would like to meet you as well!!! I love fashion ... mainly because of its potential to create change and start positive movements!!

    What aspect of the fashion industry are interested in... Designing? Styling? Marketing?
    Enlighten me!!!!

    And you're very welcome. Thank Jamela for telling me about all of the wonderful and thought provoking work you guys are doing!


  5. I Really love styling!!!And Thank you for visiting our wonderful it means alot to us!